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Remarkably Stylish, Custom Made Shirts

At Chasnoff Custom Clothing and Shirt Making, our custom shirts are second to none. By coming to our shop in Austin, Texas, the sky is the limit for your shirts. We give you the opportunity to style each and every one of your shirts for your specific needs.

Men's Suit with Inner Badges

Your Perfect Fit

Many people have a hard time finding their size in the department stores. One size may be too small but the next size up is too big. You do not need to be frustrated over these types of issues any longer. No matter what your body shape is, we can create the flawless shirt just for you.

Design Your Own Shirt

We create our custom shirts from true Egyptian cotton, making every shirt extremely soft and durable. Patterns can be cut using different sleeve and collar types, including double fused collars. This allows us to tailor your shirt to any specific needs you have such as if you need a smaller of wider opening. We have a vast selection of fabrics for you to choose from when handcrafting your brand new shirt with our team.